Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

Who Are We?

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The Global Teacher project is the research brain child of the Victorian Education Channel and the School Library Association of Victoria.

The Victorian Education Channel is part of the Department of Education and Training in Victoria. It manages and provides quality online resources for Victorian teachers and students. This environment has been created to provide a supported online environment, or digital playground, for teachers to explore weblogging and then introduce it to their students.

Like all playgrounds safety issues are foremost in our minds and everyone needs to work collaboratively to keep the Global Teacher/Student environment safe.

The School Library Association supports school librarians in their quest to provide cutting edge resources and environments for their school communities.

In order to support teachers who may be new to weblogging an online mentor has been engaged. Heather Blakey is a former teacher with over thirty years of experience teaching who has worked with students in the digital landscape for the past ten years. She can be contacted at to provide assistance and support.