Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

VELS Based Projects


Global Teacher is an intricate online network, created by the Victorian Education Channel and SLAV. It provides an interactive, cyber setting for educators and students, using an especially designed, free blogger software as a publishing and communication tool. It is a network designed to enable educationalists from all over the world to work collaboratively, share educational materials and publish staff and student work.

VELS is an approach to Victorian curriculum from Prep to Year 10. The new Standards replace the Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF) as the basis for curriculum and assessment in Victorian schools from 2006. The Standards have been developed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) through extensive consultation and collaboration with education sectors and the broader community.

Global Teacher provides free online space at Global Student for a teacher to set up virtual workbooks for students. This will help them implement VELS

For example, the aim of the Interpersonal Development domain is to provide students with learning opportunities and experiences, that will support their learning across the curriculum. One of the objects of the Interpersonal Development domain is to encourage students to work in teams, to collaborate, co-operate and share resources.

As a member of this Global Teacher and Global Student space, students will be able to present ideas and understandings to audiences in an ITC environment. They will be able to communicate with known and unknown audiences and build team knowledge. Students will have the opportunity to develop new thinking and learning skills, that produce creative and innovative insights, and they will be able to communicate locally and globally.

VELS based learning projects include a Mad Hatter Challenge, a Share Bear diary, a bookclub and Places of the Heart.

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