As soon as the vacations end, children get prepared for their new school, new classes or new semesters. Their excitement is at their peak and they enjoy their time in school interacting with different children of different age groups and learning and exploring new things.

The excitement also brings with it flu, fever, nonstop fits of a cough and sneezing and a generally weakened immune system. The health of the children, especially at the elementary level, when the kids are the most vulnerable, is affected by an unhealthy environment, dirty schools and the quality of air.  Healthy and clean school environment improves the grades of children and research says that healthy children are more successful.

The Importance of a Vacuum Cleaner

carpet school vacuumsMost elementary school students sit on the rugs or carpets on the floors in their classes, for their story time sessions, for making blocks and other learning materials, for eating their lunches and for also interacting with teachers. So these rugs and carpets get the most dirt and germs on them and if you do your research and choose one the of the best vacuum cleaners, you can keep the kids safe. Particularly when food items fall on the carpets, they become breeding grounds for many viruses. So the practice of vacuuming every day on the rugs and carpets should be carried out by the school authorities as these rugs and carpets get the dirtiest.

How A Clean School Can Impact the Health of Children

Since children spend half of their time in school, their health is highly affected by the environment of the school. A clean school decreases the chances of illnesses spreading from one child to another. The germs and virus of flu can stay at a place for around 48 hours and can be easily spread from place to children when they touch the place.

When children come in contact with the germs and virus they get ill and also get absent from school. This way they miss out on their important learning sessions. Unhealthy children or children who get ill often are unsuccessful in their school and hence less confident. Flu is highly contagious and it can spread from one child to another through touching, sharing food and stationary or just plain interaction.

The Impact of Clean School

Schools which undergo regular cleaning are more hygienic and free of germs and bacteria and can lead to healthier environment and children. The tables and boards should be wiped and cleaned. The stationary and toys which the children use on regular basis should be wiped with a disinfectant to remove the germs.