The rate at which obesity is increasing in the United States alone is alarming. The school going and underage children are being attacked by obesity and the situation within the country has become overwhelming and extremely stressful as well. The research that has been highlighted in this article was conducted in a local school at Hinesville.

Study Designed by Peggy Rayman

Peggy Rayman is a local nurse at a school in Hinesville. She has been serving the health community in the vicinity for more than 4 decades and is an editor at a treadmill reviews blog. The ample experience of working for more than forty years brings the changing health of the children more into perspective for Peggy. She begins to notice how the definition of healthy has evolved amongst children over the years. Whilst working at school, she notices that children are now seeking help to deal with obesity or high cholesterol levels instead of just looking for a Band-Aid!

Obesity A Major Issue in Children

treadmill desk workoutPeggy points out that the last 10 years have been most particularly a game changer in the world of health for children under the age of 18 years i.e. children who are still school going. In shocking claims, she reveals how every 3 out of 5 children at school are now either overweight, depressingly tackling overweight issues, fighting diabetes or suffering from hypertension. All this was previously unheard of at such a young age but times have changed and so has the overall perception of health for children.

Plea to Make Treadmill Desks Accessible in Classrooms

Rayman designed a plea and filed for the grant of introduction of treadmill desks into classrooms of younger children to help with treadmill workouts in the present times. This is only how good health for the younger children can be preserved. Interestingly, it was observed that within months of bringing treadmill desks accessible to the students a significant improvement in the overall health of children was observed. A great percentage of children lost weight and the blood cholesterol and high blood pressure of children also dramatically improved.

Health Benefits of Treadmill Desks

So in case what are some of the health and physical benefits that treadmill desks bring and what makes them ideal for younger children – here is a quick overview of the advantages!

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Accelerates metabolic rate of body
  • Burns calories at multiple times faster pace
  • Boost energy levels of body
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Promotes immune system strength
  • Controls cholesterol levels

BusinessInsider did a study on this topic. Please enjoy the below video: