You never know what you need until you live through a disaster. One of our students lived through hurricane Katrina and that is something they never want to have to see again. This student like most didn’t think that it was necessary to get natural gas generators or any generators for that matter, and they said that was probably the worse thing that they could have ignored. They just thought that if they did lose power in their home, that it would be back on in no time at all. This didn’t take into considerations the damage that a storm like that could actually do.

cover portable generatorShe was without power for about a month, yes I said a month. Luckily they had a neighbor and was smart enough to go out and purchase one of those small residential natural gas generators that she didn’t think she needed. They had a small one, but they let them run a cord and use it to keep the refrigerator running and they could stock the house with food. They were lifesavers during that horrible time.

Why didn’t she go out and get her own generator after she realized she needed one you ask? Well, she tried, but it was too late. She didn’t have time to search online for portable generator reviews and all the stores that were open were sold out, she even traveled to Florida to find one, but nothing. This student searched high and low for any kind of generator. Natural gas generators, Kohler regular gas generators, solar generators, an inverter generator… nothing. The shelves were wiped clean and she was standing there looking like an idiot. She said she was willing to take anything she could get, heck she was even willing to suffer from the price gouging. No price was too big or small, no matter if it were natural gas generators, or regular, this student just wanted any kind of residential generator that would leave the whole house powered for survival.

This said that this was a huge lesson learned, and as soon as things became stable again on the gulf coast, she went right out and bought two residential natural gas generators. Yes, she said two, she wanted to make sure that she had all her bases covered if this ever happens again.

I strongly urge anyone, not only those in hurricane-prone areas to look into generators. They really are a lifesaver. You never know when you will need it, and trust me, you will be grateful for having it.

This GlobalTeacher student said she will never be caught in such a horrible situation ever again!