Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

Safe Publishing

Publishing on the World Wide Web brings special responsibilities. Remember, when you click the publish button, your work is in a very public domain and can be scrutinised by anyone who has access to the Internet. So never use students full names and never include email addresses in your posts.
The Internet is a wonderful publishing tool with enormous potential but there is a down side. You do need to practice safe cyber publishing.

Global Teacher provides a platform, a stage if you like, for self publishing. Perhaps more importantly Global Teacher provides access to known and unknown audiences. Having such an audience provides real reasons for teachers and students to engage and participate. We want to see samples of student responses to projects. We know that many people in your community will be excited to see student work published here. The Principal, School Council, directors, colleagues, parents and extended family members will be able to view a students work directly on the World Wide Web.

Student Safety is the number one priority. All bloggers are asked to report any inappropriate or unsafe activity by either a member of our community or through a posting of a comment.
(We recommend that all comments be “Moderated” )

With the ownership of the space comes responsibility- in particular when working in a school environment.

Copyright and student privacy are real and legal issues.
The Department of Education and Training Victoria has created Guidelines for keeping students safe on the web and how to work legally online with Copyright and Privacy in its Working with the Web

Netalert is another site dedicated to safe use of the Internet for students and young people.

Gail Casey a teacher at Geelong High School has created some excellent blogging guidelines for her students to participate in the Global student blog space.