Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

What can I do?

A blog is simply a space for you on the web. You can share that space with others or be the only person to contribute to it. It depends on what your purpose has.

Some blogs allow various people to share the space and add content when they can and from where ever they are in the world.

A teacher can create a blog allowing others to contribute content or comment on what they have created. If you are keen to invite another teacher or project participant to share your space, let us know at so that we can welcome them into the community and get them signed in.

Here are some examples of how the weblog can work…. We know you have even more ideas!!!

Heather Blakey has set up blogs with different projects for teachers to join as they like. Teachers can add content, comment and learn how to blog. Just click and off you go.

John Pearce has a number of things happening here. He has Podcasts he has created (And live on his school server) that he has created in his blog. He has a great activity involving wikis (Hosted on wikispaces) that he has bought into his global teacher weblog.

Gail Casey has her students set up on and has their work linked to her content hosted in global teacher. Gail has also created a “How to for Digital Storytelling” and a Digital Story Global project . Here is another chance to join a great online project.

Angela Degirolamo is sharing here fabulous activities around Oscar the Bear’s visit to her classroom. I hope Angela doesn’t mind me mentioning that this is her first time “Blogging” and what fun they are having. Here Angela has posted her student’s stories and questions…. not to mention photos of Oscar’s adventures.

Jenny Waterman is setting up a space to inform her community at Loddon about what her Prep class is undertaking. Prepnews has ideas for us all.