Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project


Ahh…. The rules!

  1. Global teacher is for teachers only. You can put up your student’s work, set up activities for students or just share professional ideas online. However, we ask all posting be done by teachers.
  2. Should you want to set up blogs for your students you have a couple of options. You can create your student accounts in the space. (Please note the guidelines in the student space - the most important being that we ask teachers to be the owner of all blogs, setting up their students to being contributors). You could also join or create your own blogging space using a tool like wordpress. It is important to ensure a safe environment.
  3. Teachers are asked to respect the legal and moral obligations for an Educational blogging environment. Copyright, privacy of student details and further responsibilities can be found at DEECD’s Working with the Web
  4. Whilst you are under no obligation we would appreciate your input to our research.
  5. Please support us in ensuring an environment which is as safe as we can make it. Please report any suspect or inappropriate content to

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