Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

Getting Started


All Victorian educationalists are welcome to join Global Teacher. It is very easy to join.

Principals will be required to give staff permission to engage whole class groups. This is an imperative because responsibility for student blogs and posts must remain with local school administration.

If you plan to use Global Student Learner Blogs in your classroom, it is essential to actively manage them to ensure they are not misused. For blogs to work effectively it is essential that you apply all your usual good classroom management practices. There HAS to be a main administrator, but this safe blogging environment does enable an organization or team to have more than one administrator - each of whom can take on different roles. This can alleviate any concerns about excessive workload in a school setting.

Please keep records of all principals permissions given, and make sure to CC your principal or supervisor when emailing to request membership.

To register, contact Heather Blakey at to receive an invitation.

Once you have your space check out some of the ideas other teachers are using on the weblogs or join one of the existing projects to get the hang of it…. Don’t forget Heather is online to help you at

2 Responses to “Getting Started”

  1. geraldine Says:

    Help!!Is anybody out there in cyberspace????????//

  2. svuki Says:


    I have spent a considerable amount of hours trying to do the other tasks apart from Week 1.It could be that because i have other blogging sites, my usernames and passwords are all jumbled up together.
    Can someone help me.

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