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Powerhouse Museum Images Available

Posted by brittgow on 29th June 2008

The Powerhouse Museum is the first museum in the world to release publicly-held historical photographs for access on Flickr, one of the largest online photo communities in the world. There may be some location and activity shots relevant to your work. For example, there are some interesting land clearing shots, histroical buildings, farming and agricultural images. Also with all these images there is a Creative Commons licence. This license means that you can republish this material for any non-commercial purpose as long as you give attribution back to the Powerhouse Museum as the creator and that you do not modify the work in any way.
This is a great resource and easily accessible for students and teachers.

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Improved Student Outcomes

Posted by margm on 8th June 2008

What a difference a few months of working with the web 2.0 tools can make to students and teachers alike. Prior to being introduced to these amazing tools of trade by our two dynamos Anne and Jess, project presentations were somewhat tedious to say the least.

At the start of the term, when I proposed the idea of a “project” and brainstormed methods of presenting them, the preferred option for students were posters or books! I was horrified.
That’s when I made the decision to hop onto the blogging wave which was swamping our school. The students all had their own blogs, and they had in place some of the tools that became pivotal to our progress. Once my home internet was reconnected and I could access the technology from home again, it was all go, go, go.

The students helped design our presentation rubric, where we explicitly pin pointed the things that made a presentation a “good one”. Then we brainstormed a number of ways in which we could use these tools of technology, to help us enhance our projects. The results have been amazing.
The students have used:
• Powerpoint – and then slideshare to embed their presentations in their own blogs
• Smartboards and wireless mouse (does anybody else have their tongue out the side of their mouths, or feel like they have had a stroke while using this? )
• Photostory
• Podcasts
• Video interviews and role play
• Voicethread interviews
• Quizzes using “mystudiyo”
• Voting – using “polldaddy “ and “zoho”
• And of course, the faithful old wordfind and crossword puzzles
Below is a quiz created by one of our students, who did a brilliant presentation on Albert Einstein. Tzigane created this quiz using polldaddy and it was a huge success. It was the finale of her presentation. She chose the same number of children as she had questions and as each child got the answer correct, she issued them with a lollypop.

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Posted by dregan2 on 15th May 2008

Working closely alongside Murch with grade 4/5 I.T. We decided that the students needed custom avatars to individualise their blogs, and show everyone how fantastic and creative they are. The students were given a 15×15 cm square to measure and rule. The idea was to work within those boundaries to allow the completed avatar to still have as much detail as possible when reduced to a thumbnail (tiny) size. The students were also encouraged to use tissue paper collage create a background for their personal image. The other option was for the student to draw the image with a hand drawn background behind the figure. The completed images were photographed digitally at high resolution and then reduced.

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“Animoto” -

Posted by brittgow on 14th May 2008

“Animoto” is another tool for uploading images and adding audio - this time with a range of tunes to create funky short videos. You can create 30 second videos and choose a music style to match, or register as an educator and have three months unlimited use.
Here’s one I did with my Year 9 Off Campus Program. On Tuesday 6th May, 21 students travelled to Mailor’s Flat to assist in a revegetation project to save the critically endangered Orange Bellied Parrot. There are less than two hundred individual birds left in the wild and they are endemic to south-eastern Australia, migrating from Tasmania to the Victorian and South Australian coast each winter. Part of the program to build numbers of these pretty birds is a revegetation program to provide roosting and feeding plants, which will increase their chances of survival. Students were able to separate seedlings of woolly tea tree and messmate plants and re-pot 3,000 plants.Takes a little while to load, but worth the wait!

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Posted by brittgow on 1st May 2008

I’ve just started using a great new tool for student learning, revision and assessment. It’s called “Voicethread” and it allows registered users unlimited free use for educational purposes. You can quickly and easily upload images (either from your own computer, Flickr or other copyright free sources) and anyone can add comments as text or as a voice recording. It does not require you to download any software and you don’t need to fiddle with sound files - it’s as easy as talking into a microphone! Students can easily register individually or a teacher can add alternate identities to their own account. To maintain student privacy I asked our students to upload an avatar image (created with assistance from our IT guru, Anne M.) and only use their first names.

 I think it’s uses are only limited by your imagination - so far, I have taken photos of my student’s water cycle posters and asked each of them to annotate each of the labelled processes. This revealed that many had not understood the terms - condensation, precipitation, transpiration and percolation. This tool enables the teacher to individualise learning as you can listen to the student’s comment and respond in your own time. I have also used it as a review of our science unit “Separating Mixtures”. I took photos of each stage in the process of separating a mixture of iron filings, rice, sand and salt and also took pictures of distillation equipment and a separating funnel. Students were asked to describe what was happening in each stage of the process.

The third project I have created is one about Australian Animals  - My students will write a short script about one of the pictured animals and their structural, functional and behavioural adaptations. A year 7 science teacher in New York is collaborating with me on this one - his students will talk about american animals and each class will design a camouflage to enable up-close research on a specific animal from the other student’s country. So they will need to understand the physical features, functional characteristics and behavioural traits that enable each animal to survive in their respective environments.

I think it would be a great tool to use for poetry - students choose images, write a poem and then read the poem. It could be used for art appreciation, telling children’s stories, acting out comic strips, history projects, biographies….. great for students who prefer not to put pen to paper ( I have a few of those!) and some who need to practise their ‘public’ speaking in a safe environment.

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Maths Challenge

Posted by brittgow on 17th April 2008

This month’s challenge is to create a container for easter eggs from an A4 sized piece of paper. The student who creates the container with the largest volume wins all the easter eggs that fit inside it. You may only use 1 sheet of A4 paper and staples or sticky tape to create your container and you must include a plan that shows how you have measured the volume. The volume of a rectangular prism (box shape) is worked out using the formula length x width x height. If you have a more complicated shape - a cylinder or a cone for example, you will need to do further research!

The challenge for April will be to estimate how many easter eggs fit into Room 4!


We have just finished first term and have two weeks break, including Easter. We managed to complete swimming sports (school and interschool), triathelon, athletic sports (junior and senior), year 7 camp, school photos and numerous assemblies during a very busy seven weeks!

This term my year 7 maths students enjoyed creating an easter egg container and measuring it’s volume.


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We have a very big backyard

Posted by murch on 16th April 2008

It is just on 7 months ago, the students and I, under Heather Blakey’s tutelage, commenced our classroom backyard blog.Yesterday, I was priveleged to present an online in-service to interested staff in Victoria. Elluminate was the software used, and this allowed audio interaction, application sharing and other collaborative work. My presentation, outlining our journey with blogging, commencing with our classroom backyard blog is shared with you in the slideshare below.

 Please note that some schools may have the slideshare site blocked.

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