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Create your own symbolic shield

Posted by brittgow on 13th July 2008

My Sustainability Shield - biodiversity, energy, water and waste

I created this symbolic shield at Scion crest generator after blog-surfing and stumbling onto Tom Woodward and Jim Coe’s site, Bionic teaching. Last year, the year 9’s drew their own symbolic crests using symbols from books and the internet. You could try to create your own at Scion - although you should be over 18 to download the images (I’m not sure why yet? - the site is owned by Toyota, and may have unsavoury undertones?) My shield represents my passion for sustainability - biodiversity, energy, water and waste. You could even use the image as your avatar.

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My Other Me

Posted by Jess on 9th June 2008

Second Life is a virtual world. You download the software to your lap top and then you can enter this world. When you do, your avatar represents you. An avatar is a digital representation of yourself. When you select this avatar you have to give it a name. I named my avatar Mazarine Rhode. I have just spent an hour or so changing Mazarine’s look from this:

to this:

Of course she looks nothing like me (I have blonde hair and wear red glasses!) but that’s part of the fun of it. You can change all sorts of details of your avatar - the size and shape of any body part, how far or narrow set the eyes are, skin colour, freckles, height, weight etc. I must prefer Mazarine’s new look! I hadn’t spent much time playing around with appearance until now. Now I’m ready to party!

A few weeks ago I went into Second Life with a few other teachers from the OZ/NZ Educators network. It was a session for newbies like me. We spent the time on the island of Jokaydia. I took a quick video so you can see a very little bit of what Second Life looks like - in an art gallery! I recorded this with SMART Recorder and the quality isn’t great, but it will give you a bit of an idea if you are interested!

I never thought I’d be really interested in this sort of thing. I’m not into computer games at all, and so I didn’t think I’d like it. But, it’s great fun, and there is heaps of potential for education and business! People are making real money in Second Life doing all sorts of things. Lots of conferences on all themes are held in Second Life. Just search ’second life conferences’ in Google and there will be a whole bunch listed.

I am hoping to spend some more time in SL and start thinking about using virtual worlds for language learning. I’m a member of the Second Classroom Ning, a social network for educators interested in students using virtual worlds. I’ll keep you updated…

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Student Voki

Posted by jah63 on 3rd June 2008

Get a Voki now!

This student has recorded his own message which allows him to say more than  he can by  typing the message in. This is usful for self-evaluation and gaining feedback from peers, as well as an audience beyond the classroom.

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Safe Cyber Practices

Posted by murch on 27th February 2008

Reading the second day of the Weg 2.0 Telegraph, I was interested to read Lori’s words of caution and my eyes scrolled down to Heather’s notes on avatars and safe cyber practices. So, I thought I would write about some of the approaches that we have taken in our school to ensure our student’s identities are secure.Our lote teacher (technolote) used for some of her classes to create little computer figures of their own choosing students also gave themselves a nickname for online use. However, our school, changed service providers this term and we have found that we are now blocked out of this site as it does have a chat room element. (Personally, I dislike too many sites being blocked as I like to teach the children safety, common sense and a sense of questioning whilst they are in the safety of the classroom.)

My grade 3 and 4 students are working on a joint voicethread with a class in USA ( comparing their interests and pursuits. Our site can be viewed at (I think it is designated for public viewing.) This wonderful web 2.0 software allows comments to be shared around images and allows the addition of students as identities. However, rather than have a shadow as their image, my class created little portraits of themselves in MS Paint (sorry we are not a Mac school) and also gave themselves a nickname. These are then viewable when they are talking. Some students used their student id photo and recoloured it beyond recognition whilst others created cute little paint faces. Our partner school just selected photo images to represent each student.

I am in grade 4.me_voicethread.jpgDigital image

Vokis: Another great disguise is by using vokis. These wonderful animated computer figures allow students to insert voice overs as well. Goto and register. Students need to be 13 years or over. To get around this, I allow a student one at a time to create a voki in my username as a large number of different vokis can be saved for the one user. So, if this needs to be done, goto my voki>create a new voki>create new scene and students proceed to create their own little character by customizing to their own wishes and then adding voice.

Do not forget to activiate the email that will be sent to your address, otherwise you cannot save your voki for future use. Re-enter the site and choose create. You can then choose the face, the background, hair, clothes etc to build your avatar equivalent. Once complete, save and then click on microphone, making sure that you enable access for the voki to use your computer settings. Wait until the recording wheel starts turning and record your voiceover. Replay to ensure the voiceover is all there and that diction is audible and clear. Click save>done>save (and give a title). Your completed voki will appear in the LHS of the screen.

Goto embed in>choose the destination as web page (or whichever purpose you are using)> select small size>200 x 267>get code. Accept agreement and the code will appear. Right click>select all>copy and then paste into your wiki, blog, website or other for your talking voki to activate.

For some interesting cyber safety sites, checkout

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