Our mission

or why we do it

The Global Teacher Educational Space has the mission “Educating to Transform Lives” this educational mission provides quality education. It helps to promote the full development of students through the consistent teaching of academic subjects and principles, leading the student to research, reason, relate knowledge to their daily experience and record their knowledge in an increasingly competent way.

We consider that every educational activity transmits a philosophy of life, which should prepare the student for the world and its contradictions, so respect for diversity is an integral part of our proposal. For it to be better incorporated children, the attitude of acceptance of others in their differences and particularities is always present in the adults’ attitudes with whom they live in the institution.

our principles

Character – Quality inherent to specific ways of being, character, traced impression, firmness of will, moral character. Property of each person to be, act, respond, take action, and live together.

Sovereignty – Attributes of God.

Unity and Union – Agreement, pact, communion, single, cooperation, together.

Stewardship – Taking care, looking after a good or property, talking, managing, taking care of, preserving, keeping organized what is entrusted to you

Sowing and Reaping – Effect or act of sowing, scattering, proceeding, producing the action of a person with his neighbor or against him.

Self-government – Self-control, control in the face of various situations, temperance, moderation, the balance of attitudes, actions, and reactions.

Individuality – Individual, distinguished, respect for the other, individual, unique characteristics. Respect for the individuality of the other.