Global Teacher - WEB 3.0 Community and Research Project

About Global Student

Global student is located at

If you are feeling ready to bring your students into a blogging environment and you are from a Victorian School please let us know at

We will send you the guidelines of using the space and ask that both you and your Principal are willing to participate within the guidelines.

We will also send you a login page which allows you to set up your student blogs.

A couple of important (and legal in some cases) conditions.

Setting Up

  • All students must have parental permission to engage online.
  • Teachers must create all blogs with their details not their students.
  • A teacher can own many blogs but each can have a different name. The teacher must be the registered owner of the blog.
  • The teacher can then make any student a participant of any blog created.
  • The teacher can choose to either have no comments or to moderate them as they are received (The power of the owner)

Once Set Up

Principals will be required to give staff permission to engage students in the Global Student blog. This is an imperative because responsibility for student blogs and posts must remain with local school administration.

If you plan to use Global Student Blogs in your classroom, it is essential to actively manage them, to ensure they are not misused. For blogs to work effectively it is essential that you apply all your usual good classroom management practices.

Issues or removal of content can be done at the school level. Support with this is always available at

If you see content or activity in this space that concerns you, please notify us at the same address.

Please keep records of all of the principals permissions given, and make sure to CC your principal or supervisor when emailing to request membership.


Teachers can not set up student accounts using their personal details. eg Full name, Date of Birth, address etc (Even if it appears to be just going into a system).

Please make sure that no information identifying students is presented on the web.

Gail Casey a teacher at Geelong High School has created some excellent blogging guidelines for her students to participate in the Global student blog space.