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15 unions worldwide have now signed an international agreement on defending education and employment standards in the context of global marketisation. Together, these unions represent more than half a million tertiary education workers around the world.

The deepening global recession and the cutting back of public provision will only give greater encouragement to a burgeoning private sector, making the international agreement only more relevant and important.

We are now turning this community of over 500,000 academics into something tangible.

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Dude, where's my tuition?

Students paying for-profit colleges and universities may be wondering where their fees are going. Bloomberg News is reporting that the executives at America’s top 15 for-profit colleges collected a whopping $2 billion in compensation last year. Remember, that’s the same year that the industry registered record loan-default and drop-out rates. And, oh yeah — the for-profits receive up to 90% of their revenues from federally-funded student financial aid programs.

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