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15 unions worldwide have now signed an international agreement on defending education and employment standards in the context of global marketisation. Together, these unions represent more than half a million tertiary education workers around the world.

The deepening global recession and the cutting back of public provision will only give greater encouragement to a burgeoning private sector, making the international agreement only more relevant and important.

We are now turning this community of over 500,000 academics into something tangible.

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Support Latvian union’s campaign against massive cuts

Our colleagues in LIZDA the union that represents higher eduation professionals in Latvia have drawn our attention to their campaign against massive budget cuts in education. As many of you may know, our colleagues in Latvia face a dramatic financial crises as the educational budget was cut by about 50 percent for general, vocational and higher education, and about 60 percent for the research sector.


While the economic situation in Latvia is undoubtedly hard, as our colleagues in LIZDA, the union that represents higher education professionals, say, investment in education and research are of particular importance for economic recovery and sustainable development.


Education International is already supporting LIZDA and the Latvian Students Association’s (LSA) demands for:

1. No further budget decrease for higher education (Universities and colleges).

2. Retain the budget for basic funding of research on the level of 2009.

3. To guarantee necessary co-funding/pre-funding of ESF projects in higher education and research.


Please send letters of protest and support for LIZDA’s position to:


Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia:

Brīvības bulvāris 36,

Rīga, LV – 1520, Latvia Fax: 00 371 67280469 E-mail: vk@mk.gov.lv


Parliament of Latvia: Jēkaba iela 11,

Rīga LV 1811 Latvia E-mail: saeima@saeima.lv


Ministry of Education and Science

Vaļņu iela 2,

Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Fax: 00 371 67223905

E-mail: info@izm.gov.lv


President of the republic of Latvia: Mr. Valdis Zatlers valdis.zatlers@president.lv

LIZDA: lizda@lizda.lv

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