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15 unions worldwide have now signed an international agreement on defending education and employment standards in the context of global marketisation. Together, these unions represent more than half a million tertiary education workers around the world.

The deepening global recession and the cutting back of public provision will only give greater encouragement to a burgeoning private sector, making the international agreement only more relevant and important.

We are now turning this community of over 500,000 academics into something tangible.

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Kaplan U’s Dystopia

A pensive¬† looking professor rises to the lectern, removes his glasses and surveys his class. “I stand before you today…to apologize,” he declares solemnly. “The system has failed you, I have failed you.”

A scathing critique of the corporate university? No, it’s the latest television ad blitz by Kaplan University, the U.S.-based on-line for-profit provider. The ad evokes some well-worn and insulting stereotypes of the ivory tower, and issues a call for a private sector revolution in higher education. No more classrooms, no more books, and definitely no more rumpled profs. Just an educational utopia of iPods, laptops and just in time education.

I admit the ad is well crafted. But it leaves out some important details…like just what is education all about anyway? According to Kaplan’s ad, it seems to be mainly about transmitting bytes from corporate HQ to isolated students — er, customers –¬† in bedrooms, kitchens and subways across the world.¬† Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that a decidedly dystopic vision of the future of higher education?

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