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15 unions worldwide have now signed an international agreement on defending education and employment standards in the context of global marketisation. Together, these unions represent more than half a million tertiary education workers around the world.

The deepening global recession and the cutting back of public provision will only give greater encouragement to a burgeoning private sector, making the international agreement only more relevant and important.

We are now turning this community of over 500,000 academics into something tangible.

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Legal Woes at the University of Phoenix

The largest for-profit university in the United States is reportedly prepared to spend more than $80 million to settle a six-year-old whistle-blowing case filed by former admissions officers.

The admissions officers allege the University of Phoenix obtained federal student aid under false pretenses.

In a news release issued October 27 by the University’s parent company, [...]

Save London Metropolitan University – Thanks for your support

Many thanks to those unions who sent messages of protest to the Vice Chancellor of London Metropolitan University and circulated our call to ‘greylist’ the university. The following update went out to all our members at the end of last week.

Support for London Met campaign as greylisting continues to bite:

The campaign to Save [...]

Support the greylisting of London Metropolitan University

Please find below a letter from UCU’s General Secretary Sally Hunt to all signatories of the international agreement and a request for your help.


Dear colleague

Support the “Greylisting” of London Metropolitan University

UCU has instituted the greylisting of London Metropolitan University in protest at plans to  cut 550 jobs.

This means that we [...]

Kaplan U’s Dystopia

A pensive  looking professor rises to the lectern, removes his glasses and surveys his class. “I stand before you today…to apologize,” he declares solemnly. “The system has failed you, I have failed you.”

A scathing critique of the corporate university? No, it’s the latest television ad blitz by Kaplan University, the U.S.-based on-line for-profit provider. [...]

Universitas 21 Joint Venture struggles to turn a buck

The Times Higher Education carried a story this week showing that the four UK universities who have invested in the online learning joint venture “U21 Global” have invested more than £5.5 million but recouped a mere £40,000 between them. In June, UCU wrote to the partner universities in the troubled joint venture to ask them for [...]

French academics call for mobilisation against market in knowledge

Posted by UCU on behalf of SNESUP, a French academic union which has signed the international agreement:


“We do not want a market in knowledge!” Call for a European mobilisation against the Lisbon strategy in higher education and research